May 31, 2011

Gotcha Gadget to Goodbye Gadget

I love me some gadgets, I really do, but I have always been a bit behind the times when it came to cell phones.  Feeling a little out of touch, I decided to upgrade my basic flip phone to a smart phone with a data package.  (Yeah, yeah, I know. That is so 2009.) 
I admit that I couldn’t wait for the phone to arrive. To my dismay, though, when it finally did, and I got the thing up and running with all the snazzy apps shining bright from the phone’s display, I realized I wasn’t really into it, that having a fancy new phone with all that the Internet could offer on a pint-sized screen really wasn’t that exciting.  It wasn’t!  Not to mention that typing on a touch screen is the pits.  Why I didn't anticipate that this would be an annoyance is beyond me.

So I did what any normal person could do.  I cleared everything off of it – all the photos I had taken from it (I will miss that feature, I admit), unloaded Facebook, my email, all my contacts, and pulled out the SIM card only to slip it back into my sad, little, cracked BlackBerry Pearl flip phone.  I will say that to my surprise when I tucked the new phone into the box and shipped it off to my cell-phone carrier I had not a single feeling of regretful loss.  I may no longer have a hip new phone and constant contact with the digital universe, and you know what?  I’m okay with that, at least for now . . .  And for the moment, I won’t be pining for the $70 phone/text/data bundle bill, either.
Sometimes life is better on the slow track.  Sometimes.

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