May 29, 2011

So . . .

Let's just say that I am a big fan of blogs, especially those of the personal variety.  Some of my favorites are Pink of Perfection, Orangette, Delicious Musings, Fit Foodie Findsin addition to a whole slew of others.  I've sporadically maintained the blog Pop Culture and Life for the past couple years, and while it’s been fun I think it’s time for it to go on sabbatical, at least for now -- although I'm sure if the mood strikes I will still post on occasion.  It was a nice escape while in grad school when most of my time was spent reading and writing about Shakespeare and Susan Sontag, but now that I’m back into the 9-5 grind I’m finding myself limited by a blog solely dedicated to pop culture, which I still love -- don't get me wrong . . .

but I’m at a point now that I want to be writing about anything and everything I wish, that is not limited by subject or genre or time.  So, I thought it was time to up and start a new one, which I’ve decided to call The Meaning of Lunch. I envision this blog to be about anything and everything I want it to be, with the overarching theme of “life beyond the box” – the box being the somewhat ho-hum routine that many of us have to subscribe to, with life being everything beyond that, you know, the real good stuff (i.e. the meat and cheese) -- which will include topics of interest at the given moment, and may include any of the following: current inspirations, interests, hobbies, experiences, and everything and anything else that's striking my fancy.  (Good Lord, that was a long-ass sentence.) So, thanks for visiting, and welcome to The Meaning of Lunch!

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